Springside Landscape Restoration (SLR) was organized to acquire, protect, and restore Andrew Jackson Downing’s historic landscape. Formed in 1984 as the result of a compromise agreement between a developer who wanted to build condominiums on the site and local preservationists who fought to protect it, SLR was officially established in 1986. SLR was deeded the property in 1990.

The organization’s preservation efforts are guided by a management and maintenance plan, the Springside National Historic Landmark Master Plan, 1989 and a subsequent update. The latter focuses on short-term and on-going management actions that local volunteers can undertake to stabilize the site, prevent further destruction, and safeguard its essential surviving features. Key accomplishments to date include:

  • Winning a grant from Parks & Trails NY to update the website
  • Partnering with Hudson River Valley Greenway to make Springside’s carriageways a designated link in the Greenway Trail system
  • Repairing the stone piers at Cottage Avenue and the well-cover at Willow Spring
  • Clearing nearly 20 acres of decades of secondary growth that had overtaken Downing’s design
  • Commissioning a historical paint analysis for the Porter’s Lodge (Gatehouse)
  • Repainting and repairing the Porter’s Lodge/Gatehouse (the one original structure remaining on the site). Time again for this critical maintenance!
  • Developing and producing an interpretive walking tour brochure and signage
  • Conducting discrete archaeological investigations to determine location of carriageway alignment and underground water conveyance systems
  • Saving the National Historic Landmark site from development